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Briceida  CastaƱo was born in Colombia and she is well known by her artistic name BRizzy. Her inclination for art began in her childhood and art was her choice in the high school. In 1980, she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Design and Art from the Center of Artistic and Technical Studies Institute in Bogota, Colombia.

Since her graduation she had been working in her studio, first as a painter and next as a doll designer. Additionally, she was working as an art instructor for single mothers and young people with addiction problems that were reintegrated into society as promising artisans.

In the ten years that followed, BRizzy tried new recyclable materials producing home and fashion accessories, and fine jewellery. Then, she designed jewellery of seeds and natural fibers, a technique that pushed her to Mexico where she established her studio and produced jewellery using natural materials enhanced in noble metals. Additionally, she produced fashion accessories like bracelets, earrings, scarves and chalinas, a kind of shawl. At the same time BRizzy promoted micro-businesses for women in Mexico and Colombia that inspired her as a cultural art researcher.

As a result, BRizzy was recognized, by the Center of Documentation and Research of Craft of Spain and America in 2001 with the First Place at the Tenerife Award Competition. Moreover, she has won several prizes at different shows in Colombia and Mexico including the First Place in Handcrafted Jewellery from National Exposition of Mexican Craft -ENART-, Tlaquepaque Commerce Chamber Award, 2003. Mexico, and the First Place in Handcrafted Jewellery from Latin American Craft Show Award -TlaquepArte – Guadalajara, Mexico, – 4 consecutive years from 1996 to 2000 -, and declared as the Best of the Best for the next six years. AECID -The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation – awarded BRizzy as a recipient of the Business Development of the Craft in America; 2008.

In the early 2009, BRizzy moved from Mexico to Canada where she is dedicated to creating her new collections.

Her work had been shown on television, newspapers and radio interviews in Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Canada.

Some of her jewellery pieces have been on display at the Museum of Popular Arts in Guadalajara, Mexico, as well at Expoartesanias in Colombia.




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